Larry Seaquist for the WA State House of Representatives

Leadership and Experience
That’s the difference!

Sometimes called “the hardest working person in the legislature”, Larry is a strong leader for our communities and a strong leader for our schools.

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Larry is at work. With a plan.

The Legislature won’t act. Larry does. Up against a Court deadline, being fined $100,000 a day, the Legislature hasn’t done its homework, hasn’t even agreed to a credible plan. Larry lays out a detailed, step-by-step strategy for fully funding the complete system of public education our state must have in this high skills, high competition world. Read Larry’s plan – The Apple Action Agenda.

The Apple Action Agenda

Strong leader for our communities, strong leader for our schools.

We believe Larry is the right strategic leader we need to assure that our state’s complicated web of local school districts and statewide education agencies, boards, and interest groups remains firmly connected to the public’s priorities.

We believe Larry is the right senior executive we need to ensure that our educators are supported by a well-managed state agency and publicly accountable, cost-effective programs.

We believe Larry is the right budget leader we need to connect the priorities of parents, educators, and taxpayers to the legislature’s budget making.

And we know Larry has a deep personal commitment to our students, their parents, and our educators.

Join Us!

We ask you to join us in electing Larry Seaquist to the Washington State House of Representatives.


For several years our legislature has been locked in disagreement with itself and at war with our own Supreme Court over school finance. Urgent as the “McCleary” funding requirements are, we also must tackle another set of big decisions. Closing out an era of intrusive, federally mandated “reforms,” a major new Federal law has just returned control of our schools to the states.

Although we may differ on other candidates and other issues; we share a belief that Larry has the executive experience and strategic vision to lead our system of public education. We agree with Larry, it is time to put the public back in public education.


  • Congressman Derek Kilmer
  • Former Congressman Brian Baird
  • Mayor Ray Stephanson, Everett
  • Mayor Jill Guernsey, Gig Harbor
  • Former Mayor David Viafore, Fircrest
  • Former Mayor Cary Bozeman, Bremerton & Bellevue
  • State Rep. Gael Tarleton (D, Seattle)
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