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"…Seaquist knows there’s no higher priority than fixing the K-12 system. His flirtation with running for state school superintendent equipped him for the education wars coming in 2017. His 12-point school action agenda is essential reading for anyone who foolishly believes the state’s paramount duty starts and ends with the Supreme Court’s McCleary order."


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Larry Seaquist

for the WA State House of Representatives

Leadership and Experience

make all the difference!

Sometimes called “the hardest working person in the legislature”,

Larry is a strong leader for our communities

and a strong leader for our schools.


Larry is at work. With a plan.

The Legislature won’t act. Larry does. Up against a Court deadline, being fined $100,000 a day, the Legislature hasn’t done its homework, hasn’t even agreed to a credible plan. Larry lays out a detailed, step-by-step strategy for fully funding the complete system of public education our state must have in this high skills, high competition world.


Strong leader for our communities, strong leader for our schools.

We believe Larry is the right strategic leader we need to assure that our state’s complicated web of local school districts and statewide education agencies, boards, and interest groups remains firmly connected to the public’s priorities.


We believe Larry is the right senior executive we need to ensure that our educators are supported by a well-managed state agency and publicly accountable, cost-effective programs.


We believe Larry is the right budget leader we need to connect the priorities of parents, educators, and taxpayers to the legislature’s budget making.


And we know Larry has a deep personal commitment to our students, their parents, and our educators.


Let’s Talk!


I look forward to visiting you, your organization, your community, your school. To talk about your ideas or to arrange a visit, please call me direct at (253) 225-0616 or email me at larry@larryseaquist.com. Thank you.

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